Using technology at KOPWA to make compliance easier

Using technology makes life easier at KOPWA. Here are the digital tools helping us meet compliance requirements and dedicate more time to personal care.

The technology that gives KOPWA the edge

With the recent recommendations of the Royal Commission and the ongoing threat of the Omicron wave, compliance with industry standards and regulations has never been more important in the aged care industry.

Here at KOPWA, we take compliance very seriously. To ensure we meet requirements, we rely on a combination of dedicated people and innovative technology.

Finding and using the latest apps and online tools can turn a decent aged care facility into one of the best because it gives carers the time to develop more personal relationships.

KOPWA culture fosters action and professional development. We use two of the latest and best digital tools available to the industry to do this.

New technology in aged care


Leecare is one of the leading aged care software providers offering care delivery management, quality and compliance support, financial management, and operation management.

This technology provides a unified system that maintains one individual record for every resident. Residents’ records are accessible through the Leecare app anywhere, anytime. Having this information at the ready ensures that doctors or carers are always up to date. Along with this, Leecare hosts a web browser-based platform that supports a massive network of senior care providers. This network has created a healthy online community that shares the latest and most up to date aged care news and information. Being part of this community helps KOPWA to stay up to date with the latest developments in aged care.


Ausmed is the top online training tool for aged care practitioners in Australia. With multiple lesson plans and online training modules, this platform is the best way to stay abreast of theory in the industry. Ausmed’s teaching modules are frequently updated, so staff can continuously pursue professional growth without having to travel to a classroom.

Most recently, staff at KOPWA have been working on a hand hygiene module. As we have learned during COVID, hand hygiene is vital to reducing disease and protecting vulnerable elderly residents. By fulfilling the module requirements, KOPWA’s staff will not only be up to date on the most recent advice on hand hygiene, but they will also be helping our facility make strides towards perfect compliance.

Training modules from Ausmed also include fire prevention, infection control, medical training, and of course, compliance. Our team is sticking to a regular training schedule so we can give our residents the very best.

Overseeing compliance at KOPWA

KOPWA’s Quality and Education Manager and Infection Control Lead, Fiona Potter, ensures our staff are always at the cutting edge of the aged care profession.

Under Fiona’s guidance, KOPWA, its residents, visitors and staff are able to access and use the latest aged care technology. This allows our team to dedicate more time to what matters; the wellbeing of our residents.

KOPWA is always looking for the latest and newest ways to keep our staff and facility at the cutting edge of technology, compliance and best-practice so we can maintain our reputation as leaders in aged care. For more information on our services, please contact us on 9412 0284.

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