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Maya Robson chatters away to Jess as she seasons and stirs a large pot of sauce. She’s making her famous lasagna for a family dinner. Maya is excited, because it’s been quite a while since she’s been able to have her kids and grandkids over for a meal.

Maya has lived by herself for 12 years since the passing of her husband. Surrounded by memories of a happy life, home has been Maya’s strength. Until about a year ago.

She can’t remember exactly when it happened. When the stairs to her bedroom suddenly became harder to climb. When the thought of having a shower started making her anxious. When the kitchen, her haven, became a place fraught with unexpected peril. When did home stop feeling like home?

It is stories such as Maya’s that drives Kopwa’s Community Home Care team.

Living independently becomes harder the older one gets. It can be scary and frustrating. Was it time for Maya to consider moving to an aged-care facility? Or did Kopwa have a happier solution that would give her the freedom to stay at home longer?

Over the last few years, the demand for exceptional home care services has seen the Kopwa Community Home Care unit grow, from a small team with a big idea to full-scaled organization in itself. Comprising professional, trained carers, care coordinators, and a passionate management team at the heart of it, Kopwa is changing the home-care story for the better.

One of the biggest challenges for families who need aged-care support is knowing where to begin and who to ask for help.

When the Robsons reached out, the Community Care team got into action. The first step was to guide the family through an Aged Care Assessment for Maya to understand her lifestyle, her interests and her care requirements.

People are unique and so are their needs, so the next step was to transparently discuss all the avenues of care available for Maya, including funding options. Home-care packages are available across 4 different levels depending on the level of care required.

When they found a package that fit, the final step culminated in matching Maya to her most suitable carer – Jess.

Jess has worked with Maya’s for more than 6 months now. Everyday, she wears different hats – shopping assistant, driver, accountant, housekeeper and fellow movie lover. Jess supports Maya in the things that she can’t comfortably do by herself anymore. And Maya mischievously hands off some of her more boring chores to Jess.

While she is a highly trained carer, coordinating different aspects of Maya’s well-being, to Maya, Jess she is also her friend. Someone who will travel the journey of old age with her, no matter where that takes her.

Today, Jess is Maya’s sous chef, helping her prepare for a long overdue family meal. With Jess’s help, Maya now navigates her home more confidently than before. Once again, she’s taken charge of her kitchen, and her life.

Once again, Maya feels at home, at home.

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