Home Care worker – Susan Marsh

Home care workers are vital in our home care services. Home care workers have evolved over the last 15 years since the introduction of home care services in the 2000s. One of our treasured staff, Susan Marsh, is our longest serving home care care worker. She has seen over 100 clients in her 12 years of service with KOPWA. A self-confessed high, energy care worker, Susan works up to 25 hours weekly, seeing an average of 4 clients a day. This veteran care worker is so experienced that her duties vary widely to include light domestic tasks such as cleaning and making beds and grocery shopping with or for her clients. Susan’s kind nature is what makes KOPWA proud to have. Her sense of understanding of the elderly and duty of the act of friendship is essential to her. As we age, isolation, especially during the pandemic, is real. Susan understands the importance of keeping in touch to ensure her clients’ mental health is constantly looked after. Susan finds job satisfaction when she knows her clients appreciate the assistance they receive from her.

An unpopular and often universal truth is that mothers have their favourite children; it is no different in the aged care industry. Some clients open up and share their lives with their assigned care workers, who both develop a mutually respectful friendship. Susan has some favourite clients  whom she has bonded over the years. When a client passes away, the care worker may sometimes experience a sense of loss, and KOPWA has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help cope with the difficulties following a loss.

Apart from being a care worker, Susan works a day of the week as a merchandiser. The different roles gives her the opportunity to meet other types of people in the community. The similarity between the two roles is that both are people-oriented roles. Susan is definitely a people person. At KOPWA, we are able to pair you with the most appropriate care worker, so you or your loved ones will always feel warmth, comfort, assurance, respect, and safety.

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