New Technology

We are fortunate to live in a world full of innovations and new technology. The Neurons VR technology is a technology that allows us to be at any place, anywhere, at any time. It brings virtual reality to seniors to enrich their quality of life and experience the broader world for their mental and physical wellbeing.

The plug and play VR platform comes with goggles placed over the residents’ eyes. There are different videos to suit the occasion and desired experiences. Residents can view the same video simultaneously to encourage conversations after the activity. The technology brings about a sense of presence where every resident can harness the power of virtual reality and connect with life. The advanced equipment can help residents connect and continue discovering themselves.

The benefits include improved quality of life through sharing experiences in a safe and controlled environment, using imagery to recreate the lives residents once lived and promoting physical activities through stimulating environments.

At KOPWA, apart from excellent clinical care, we aim to help improve the lives of our residents and clients. KOPWA has invested in technologies to ensure that our residents have the choice to engage in mind and body stimulating activities and are continually connected with the broader community and their families.

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