Active minds and bodies: Thriving in isolation at Kopwa – What we’re doing to ensure our residents stay positive

There’s no doubt COVID-19 has changed the way we spend our days, and probably will in one way or another, for some time to come.

Doing the right thing by our loved ones and our communities has meant enforced social distancing, which is hard on everyone.

What’s important to know is that physical isolation doesn’t mean we have to be socially isolated too. We’re working hard at Kopwa to ensure our residents stay actively engaged in stimulating activities and are happy and positively occupied each day. Our philosophy of active minds, active bodies, and having a kind and caring culture, is more pertinent than ever.

We are determined to ensure our residents’ wellbeing and have bolstered those activities necessary for maintaining good health, such as getting enough exercise, engaging in mental activities and socialising with others in their residences.


Our weekly calendar includes a variety of physical activities. We offer a range of exercise options, including walking, cardiovascular, strength and muscle tone classes and our very popular Tai Chi lessons. Many of our residents take part in one of the daily physical activities on offer. One of our lovely residents, Mr Burt, is a particularly big fan of our exercise classes.

Learn and Do

We’ve always made sure there is a wonderful variety of activities on at Kopwa each day of the week, from music, to art, education and crafts, there is no shortage of ‘right brain’ stimulation.So many of our residents love taking part in our Music Therapy sessions, oursing-a-longs and craft hours or our knitting or cooking sessions, like Ms Choong who says knitting is her favourite.


We recognise the importance of self-care for our residents and so we offer opportunities for personal grooming. We notice a real difference in our residents when they’ve visited the hairdresser or manicurist. It really makes them feel good about themselves.

Brain activities

Our daily activities at Kopwa always include options for mental stimulation. We believe keeping the mind sharp helps maintain a more positive outlook on life. As such, on any day of the week, you’ll find our residents taking part in activities like trivia, brain teasers, bingo, puzzles, chess, cards, or even a quick quiz.

Of course, we understand that this is a difficult time for our residents and their families, but at Kopwa we choose to focus on the positives and to use that mindset to make the lives of our residents as wonderful as possible, no matter the circumstances.

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