Activities that keep on giving – Cooking

It is common knowledge that food brings people together. For people with dementia, food is especially necessary because food can help nourish the body, brings enjoyable memories and often becomes conversation starters. For those who may be losing interest in food or dislikes participating in mealtimes, eating food becomes an intended activity to help focus on stimulating their senses in the hope of encouraging them to eat or to enjoy food again.

The activities held at KOPWA’s Archbold House are developed to create relevance and significance. We hope to encourage our residents to engage with events that hopefully they find pleasurable, help maintain their identity and build social relationships amongst each other.

One such activity is cooking. Residents come together weekly to make food and share with other residents. The act of food preparation and consumption is rewarding, for it releases happy neurochemicals in their brains that often remain in their body even after the activity is completed. For some residents, cooking assists in their cognitive and motor abilities. It increases their confidence, value and feels respected when they see other residents enjoying the food they have made.

For those who are unable to help prepare food, they use the time to share their stories of food culture and memories to engage in conversation with those around the table. Bonds of friendship are being built amongst each other.

Residents are continually having to interpret the environment around them and give meaning to their own situation. Therefore activities such as cooking bring multifaceted benefits and add value to our residents’ lives and help maintain their identity.

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