How much do you know about Aged Care?

In a recent report about Aged Care, it was revealed that many Australians aren’t clear on all the facts about this essential service.

From not understanding the costs involved with Aged Care to being confused by how to get started, many people who have an elderly family member or loved one to feel like they don’t have a clear picture.

The report, which was created as part of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, shares detailed information about community attitudes towards ageing and aged care. Some of the findings revealed a lack of trust or understanding about how aged care works and what it is like to live in Aged Care.

If you have been looking for information and facts about Aged Care yourself, here are some simple facts which will help.

Aged Care in Australia is affordable and accessible for everybody

According to research, many Australians believe that “it is hard to find aged care that you like, that you have enough money for, and that gives you the right type of care.” This belief may stem from the fact that many people are not aware that aged care is heavily subsidised (paid for) by the Australian Government.

Payment for Aged Care comes from a combination of government funding and contributions from residents. The three main types of fees/payment you may be asked to pay include:

  • The basic daily fee – for all care recipients in permanent aged care.
  • A means tested care fee – paid in accordance with your financial circumstances.
  • An accommodation payment – a contribution towards accommodation costs.

The financial contributions made will depend on how much money your loved one has. For example, aged residential care residents pay a basic daily fee. This is set at 85 per cent of the single basic Age Pension, meaning that Aged Care is affordable for every individual who needs it. Paying for accommodation will also vary depending on the money the person in care has available.

You will find more information on the Australian Government’s Aged Care: a quick guide page.

To find out more, you can also speak to the team at KOPWA. We will be pleased to explain how funding for Aged Care works.

Aged Care facilities are happy places

Residents living in facilities have few opportunities to be lonely.

Most modern Aged Care facilities have a range of organised activities, including art therapy, supervised outings, gardening, book club and even visits from animal friends.

With diverse menus and food prepared by experienced chefs plus many options for entertainment throughout the day, modern Aged Care facilities are bright, welcoming and comfortable.

The staff at Aged Care facilities always have time for residents

Almost every staff member at an Aged Care facility has residents as their number one priority. The people who work in aged care facilities have a passion for making a difference and are proud to have a fulfilling and rewarding career.

KOPWA’s Archbold House has round-the-clock support as well as having round-the-clock support from staff, those who reside in Aged Care can also benefit from appointments with visiting allied health professionals. This includes physiotherapists, eye specialists, hearing specialists and dieticians.

Residential Aged Care isn’t the only option

Older people who still wish to remain independent or have trauma surrounding the idea of living away from home may not be comfortable with the idea of residential care.

Fortunately, home care is an alternative. This can be arranged to include regular visits or round-the-clock, live-in care. The level of care provided will be based on individual needs and can change over time.

It is easy to start the process of finding suitable aged care

A visit to your GP is one of the best ways to discover more about Aged Care. This professional will be aware of what’s available in your area and can help facilitate the conversation around at-home vs residential Aged Care.

From there, it is a matter of reaching out to providers. You’ll find the staff are more than happy to answer any questions you have and will be willing to arrange a home visit to talk about your options.

At KOPWA, we provide residential and home care services. To figure out your needs, we start by making a home visit. During this appointment, we will discuss the services which are available and the funding options.

To find out more, contact KOPWA today.

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