10 ways a Home Care provider can help

Do you know someone who needs extra help at home but isn’t ready to move into aged care? Find out what a home care provider can do for them.

As they age, many people find they need extra assistance at home. However, they or their family fail to reach out for professional help because they believe this kind of service is only for people who are very frail, disabled or unwell.

Home care providers take responsibility for more than nursing duties. Find out some of the essential tasks these professionals can take care of for your loved one.

What does a home care provider do?

Domestic help

To keep premises hygienic and free from clutter, a home care provider can take care of things around the house including cleaning (vacuuming, mopping, dusting etc), laundry and tidying.


When the groceries become too much to handle, a home carer can provide assistance on shopping trips or take a list and return with the requested items.

Personal care

Things like nail clippers and shampoo bottles become difficult to manage as we age.

Home care providers help with bathing and personal hygiene, including grooming and dressing/undressing.


Once it is time to give up their drivers licence, your home care provider can provide the transport an elderly person needs to get from A to B. A service like this maintains the option to dine out or stay involved with community activities.

Having this help relieves the pressure on family members to constantly be on call as ‘chauffeur’ and reduces the need to interact with an unfamiliar taxi driver.  


The days can be long for people who are home alone. Having a home care provider is a lovely way to welcome company.

A home care provider can make time for a cup of tea and a biscuit or they can stay to provide company during mealtimes. They will even do the dishes afterwards.

Meal preparation

You can request a home carer to provide support with meals, either by heating up frozen meals or preparing multiple meals to be frozen for later. This service can ensure a balanced and nutritious diet, and can prevent the problem of food passing its expiry date in the fridge.

Medication supervision

Medication and whether or not it is being taken correctly can be a real concern. A home carer can make note of which pills should be taken and when, and make sure the schedule is adhered to.

Home organisation

Another important service a home carer can provide is to help pay bills. This includes taking care of gas and electricity bills so there isn’t an unexpected power outage at home.

Dementia care

If your loved one is experiencing dementia symptoms but isn’t ready to leave their own home, a live-in carer can provide the round-the-clock support they need, giving you peace of mind that they are well looked after.

Respite care

At-home respite care is available for people who need a break from caring from an elderly or unwell family member.

At KOPWA, we provide a range of packages for seniors who need at-home care, which may include all or some of the services listed above.

To figure out your needs, we start by making a home visit. During this appointment, we will discuss the services which are available, the ones that are necessary and the funding options. As needs increase, we can revise the package to the next level of care, ensuring your loved one can remain comfortably in their own home for as long as possible.

To find out more, contact KOPWA today.

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