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Monique Dery-Boyer first became involved in Art therapy after teaching art classes to adults and children for a long time. She was approached to provide art classes in Aged Care facilities and has since enjoyed doing so. This year is her sixth year as an Art Therapist in the Aged Care sector.

The new Archbold House facility has plenty of natural light and space for Monique to conduct her classes. She thoroughly enjoys working in this new space. Monique views her therapy class delivery positively when she observes the residents becoming relaxed and calm after each session. Many residents have expressed their forward-looking interest and participation in Monique’s classes.

Often misunderstood, art therapy may appear to be engaged in simple art classes. More often than not, art therapy uses art as an intervention to improve the well-being of a person. A vast area of the brain’s creative juices is involved while exploring personal emotions, sometimes involving unresolved internal conflicts. This form of treatment aims to provide self-reflection for external expressions to manage behaviours, feelings and may help reduce stress. Monique recognises her delivery of art therapy evokes new or hidden interests in residents’ lives. Art therapy also increases the opportunity for social communication and engagement amongst residents and others.

Monique takes time to familiarise herself with each resident, for she believes in a friendly, relaxed and happy session. She tailors her activity by allowing the residents first to choose their choice of task. This particular task may last for one session or several sessions. After a few weeks, Monique gauges the level of interest and intent of the resident. She may encourage the residents to alter the tasks for an increased improvement on the project or provide other challenging tasks. She feels rewarded when residents portray self-confidence and pride in their accomplishment of a piece of their work.

Monique enjoys being an art therapist with KOPWA’s Archbold House with the help of friendly and helpful staff. She acknowledges Aged Care providers like KOPWA aim to want the best for their residents continually and are looking forward to completing the Stage 2 development and working alongside new residents.

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