24 hour care for total peace of mind

KOPWA has Registered Nurses on shift 24/7. Find out why this is essential when it comes to safety and peace of mind in residential aged care.

When it comes to care, KOPWA is different.

Many families assume when they transition an elderly loved one into care that there will be a Registered Nurse who is available to offer medical support 24/7. However, despite it being a recommendation by the recent Royal Commission into Aged Care, this is not actually the case for every facility in NSW. 

While it is not currently mandated by the Government, we make it a priority to have a registered nurse on site at KOPWA at all times because we wouldn’t be able to be true to our values if we did not. 

While other aged care workers have certificate-level qualifications, a Registered Nurse (RN) has more knowledge and training when it comes to the clinical care of others. At our facility, the role of ‘RN’ is very important as they take responsibility many duties, some examples include:

  • Deliver, manage and oversee medication administration
  • Care for patients who have experienced a fall
  • Oversee the care of infections
  • Monitor overall health and diet
  • Help to manage chronic disease
  • Providing additional support to dementia patients
  • Providing emergency response care
  • Support with palliative care including complex pain management.

Registered nurses also take responsibility for updating and maintaining clinical records. They will liaise with GPs and other health professionals and communicate with residents’ families timely and wherever necessary. It is also important that they and their colleagues adhere to all appropriate clinical policies and procedures. Finally, a RN normally takes the lead if there is a breach on an infection control – another reason why it is critical to have a RN on duty at all times.

At KOPWA, we have a rotating roster of day, evening and night shifts so there is always a Registered Nurse onsite the facility. Our RNs are fully qualified and we aim to provide a high quality working environment so they can enjoy a fulfilling career.

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Setting the standard for peace of mind

As the family member of someone who lives in residential aged care, knowing there is a Registered Nurse on site at all times is very reassuring. If your parent or relative is suddenly unwell or hurts themself in any way, they will have someone by their side who is a fully trained medical professional. This person will be able to assess the level of emergency and take appropriate steps to obtain further help where neccesarry. If an injury or incident is minor, they can provide the necessary care straight away.

One of the hardest things about having a medical incident, even if there is someone with you, is having to wait for medical care to arrive. At KOPWA, we rely on our 24/7 Registered Nurses to make sure the required care can be delivered as soon as possible. During the work week, we have a higher ratio of Registered Nurses to residents than is required by NSW Law. This is one of the additional ways we go above and beyond when it comes to keeping our elderly community members safe and well.

Want to know more about what makes an aged care facility stand out as the right choice for your loved one? A 24/7 Registered Nurse is just one of the benefits at KOPWA. Contact us to find out more today.

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