Day in the life of a personal carer at Archbold House

My name is Sudikshya, many call me KC. I have been working as a personal carer at KOPWA for the two years. Working as a personal carer is both rewarding and challenging.

My day starts at 530 in the morning because I prefer to do the morning shift at 7am with a 3pm end. I catch the train for about 45 minutes from home to Roseville. Once arrived at Archbold House, my shift begins with a verbal handover from our night shift Registered Nurse (RN). Our morning RN then allocates us a list of the residents and the tasks for the day. Once the handover is complete, I get all the required resources needed for my residents’ care. I find the residents very lovely, and every day I choose to know more about them. I love to have a chat with them because they share their life experiences with me. I enjoy learning about them and about life. Part of getting my residents ready in the morning is to assist them to breakfast in the dining room. The residents enjoy their morning meals prepared by our in-house chef. Sometimes at 930am when the residents have finished their breakfasts, I help the kitchen assistant clean the dining room.

Following this, I take my residents to their preferred exercise and art classes. KOPWA’s recreation officers organise various programs, such as exercise classes, art, music, and pet therapies, to keep our residents physically and mentally strong. Our in-house physiotherapist is also available for specific massage sessions for residents to encourage good blood flow in the body. Sometimes the residents go on mystery bus trips around to some beautiful places around Sydney. Since the pandemic, the residents simply experience the sights from the bus. I feel that here at KOPWA, we do everything for our residents to feel at home. I take a 10 minutes break mid-morning, and when I return, I check on my residents to see if they require any assistance. Documentation is an integral part of our daily practice. If there are any concerns regarding my residents, I inform the RN on duty or the Care Manager. Our RN and Care Manager are very dedicated to their roles, and I learn a lot from them. Around 1130am, we start preparing for lunch in the dining rooms.

By midday, I help my residents to be seated for their lunch at 12noon. Our residents like their different culturally and nutritious meals and desserts every day. After lunch, many residents like their siestas. Some may choose to take their naps in the lounge areas, and for those who prefer to rest in their bedrooms, I help them back to their rooms. Wherever they choose to sleep, they usually feel safe and comfortable in their choices. For those residents who prefer to engage in some light activities, I help them to the dedicated breakout room where the activity is being held before I break for a 30 minutes lunch. I return to check on my residents after lunch and commence detailed paperwork for my shift.  Around 1430 I check on my residents for the last time and provide a handover to the RN. By 3pm, I ensure all the duties on my checklist is complete and it is time for me to go home.

I feel satisfied working as a carer when I see my residents are happy with their needs. A carer’s regular day varies, and some days are more challenging than others. Every day I try to bring joy and happiness to my residents’ lives and make them feel at home as much as possible. I find it really hard to see my residents when they become unwell, and I try my best to provide the best care and best quality of life to them at Archbold House. I am thankful that all the staff are very friendly, supportive and cooperative here at KOPWA, so if any challenges arise, we all work together to solve them as a team. Our RNs, Care Managers and other administrative staff are very supportive and are always there to help us in every way. I love my job and the facility.

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