Reinvesting in staff training within an Aged Care facility

Getting the best out of Aged Care: investing in upskilling staff

Aged care teams are responsible for the wellbeing of one of the most vulnerable sectors of society. With responsibilities including caring for the personal hygiene of residents, making sure they are actively entertained, and observing and reporting on residents’ health and changes of behaviour, it’s clear how vital an aged care role at any level really is.

At KOPWA, we only take on highly trained staff with deep empathy so we can ensure the best possible care for our residents. However, education doesn’t end when they join the team. KOPWA staff all undergo continued training so they are clear on best practice and can maintain some of the highest standards in the industry.

Reinvesting in Aged Care staff training has the following benefits:

Employee engagement

Continued training keeps aged care staff from feeling stagnant in their roles. When they are constantly learning, aged care workers are more likely to stay engaged. Additional learning also encourages them to push themselves further. Knowing that there is always more to learn helps our staff maintain their passion for the industry.

As well as training in new areas, staff are educated about our systems and processes. This gives them more confidence when carrying out their daily roles.

Career path progression

Staff who engage in training are more likely to develop their careers.

It’s part of the culture at KOPWA for staff to aim high. Our emphasis on training helps individuals to further their skills in the industry. We encourage KOPWA staff to seek out new responsibilities so they can develop their experience and create further opportunities for themselves.

Employee retention

Turnover is a big problem for many providers in the aged care sector. KOPWA strives to minimise turnover by treating staff with respect and showing them that they are worthwhile.

Investing time in KOPWA staff through continued training assures them they are valuable to our business. As a result, KOPWA has one of the lowest turnover rates in Australian aged care.

Best practice

In the recent Royal Commission into aged care, about 30% of respondent concerns related to issues including staff training.

The Commission cited a lack of adequate training as one of the major causes of substandard care. KOPWA has always made sure that training is one of our top priorities.

Only the highest quality care is acceptable for the team. Continual training ensures that our staff always have the latest knowledge and are able to provide expert-level care. KOPWA takes pride in setting industry standards with the continued training and education of our team.

Excellent staff

Continual training means that staff at KOPWA are amongst the best you will find. They are always abreast of the latest methods and are motivated to learn and grow. It is so much easier to care about your work when you know your employer cares about you and your career development.

KOPWA residents thrive because they interact each day with motivated and well-educated aged care workers, who take pride in bettering themselves and who work in a culture of excellence.

Our continued aged care staff training keeps KOPWA ahead of the curve and makes us the best choice for you or your loved ones.

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