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Assistant in Nursing (AIN) employees make up the majority of the aged care workforce in Australia. While the qualifications differ for Enrolled and Registered Nurses, the role of an AIN is important for they are the first point of contact with residents. Some AINs provide limited clinical care to residents under the mentoring and leadership of RNs and the care management team. These care workers provide primary personal hygiene care and other assistance to residents, observe and report changes in residents’ health or behaviours. Some of their duties include helping with mobility, food and fluids and boosting residents’ abilities and functions.

Here at KOPWA, we recognise employees’ different skills and experiences and the importance of working together to achieve a seamless and cohesive model of care to support our residents and clients under the Care Management team. Our team focus for September is Numa Kanti Bhattarai Bhusal, who is currently with us in her ninth year, providing the highest quality care to residents in Archbold House. 

There are two types of AINs we employ. Sometime in the past decade, KOPWA offered Numa to upskill and obtain her Certificate 4 in Ageing Support program to become a fully qualified medicator. In her quest for self-improvement, she accepted the offer of a fully-funded course. Management ensured she had ample study time and paid time off to attend classes. The course has allowed Numa to gain increased knowledge and skills that complement her daily services, especially in administering and monitoring medication. Through the skills she has gained, she was able to provide supportive relationships with her residents, families and other care staff in accordance with the interests and rights of the residents. Numa also feels confident in her palliative care approach in facilitating and empowering residents. She wishes to strongly recommend her colleagues pursue their interests and upskill with KOPWA because she has experienced positive affirmation from management. Throughout her course, she found the care team simplifying the care practice and assisting her, increasing the quality of care and her knowledge as a nurse. She believes that KOPWA has an appropriate, safe education and the highest quality for staff to undertake. Currently, Numa exudes confidence in her qualifications and training under KOPWA’s recognition and opportunities. She seeks to continue to improve her skills and care approach with KOPWA. 

KOPWA continues to find opportunities to invest in our staff, enhancing their talents, skills and dedication. We do this because we acknowledge that it requires a team to create a home of excellence.  For more information on how you can be part of KOPWA’s team, contact us.

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