5 best lifestyle activities at KOPWA

Life is never boring at any accredited Aged Care facility.
Nowadays, facilities offer a wide range of recreational activities so residents always have something to enjoy.

Many of these activities are selected based on the benefits they deliver to support mental health and encourage engaged thinking and motor skills.

The following are the five lifestyle activities the residents at KOPWA’s Archbold House enjoy getting involved with the most.

1.Weight exercise and yoga

You’re never too old for a (very gentle) weight training session or yoga workout. When conducted by a specialist in a safe and controlled environment, yoga has been found to boost physical function, reduce perceived stress and improve mental/emotional wellness in elderly patients. It can also improve posture, mobility and balance. This can lead to fewer falls and give seniors more confidence in moving around unassisted.

In terms of weight training, it’s not so much about bench pressing a new personal record but about gently lifting objects that can help maintain muscle tone and mobility.

2. Trivia and quizzes

The outcome of a long life is knowing the answers to a lot of trivia questions! At KOPWA, we host regular sessions to allow our residents to share their knowledge. It’s also a good opportunity to connect with friends and enjoy some lighthearted competition. Trivia has been found to boost brain health. Interestingly, getting an answer right can give a dopamine rush.

A trivia session can be fun to recall details about old movies, musical hits and exciting sporting events of the past. KOPWA hosts regular sessions which are always popular with our residents.

3. Music and singalongs

Getting together to sing along to old favourites is another hugely popular activity for seniors at our Aged Care facilities. 

Singing can relieve stress and improve cognition. It also brings about a sense of belonging and nostalgia.

According to one study examining the effect of arts participation on senior citizens, results showed that compared to the control group with limited arts participation, those who participated in weekly arts programs including music showed better health and required fewer doctor visits. We are proud to encourage music-based activities at KOPWA.

4. Cooking

Cooking is a ‘feast’ for the senses. It involves touch, sight, smell, sound and of course, taste! 

When we invite residents into the ‘kitchen’ we always have a lot of eager participants, especially as they can sample their handiwork at the end of the day.

Baking together encourages residents to share memories and get to know each other. It is a chance to learn new culinary skills, bond with ‘neighbours’ and get creative. 

5. Knitting

Knitting at KOPWA is a group activity where our residents participate as individuals work at their own pace. Knitting provides residents an opportunity to learn new stitches from each other. As knitting is a non-exertive activity, it gently helps with joint flexibilities and is considered relaxing.

We are currently working on a collective project putting together a blanket to be on display in the new building.

Other past contributions include auctioned knitted blankets thus giving the residents who knit a goal in which they can achieve together.

The resulting sense of accomplishment is always really positive and our residents look forward to their next knitting project.

These activities mentioned are KOPWA’s the top 5 most popular ones, with many more enjoyable activities on offer. We have a busy weekly schedule that residents can choose to participate in as much as they would like to. 

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