Creativity programs for residents

As a community, we are always learning more about dementia and the best ways to offer support so those who are experiencing this ailment have the best possible quality of life.

At KOPWA, we have a purpose-built facility that caters to all residents including dementia residents and are continuously working on initiatives that encourage creativity as well as a sense of inclusion and purpose.

One of our latest programs is cookery class with our inhouse Chef, Christian. This gets our residents into the kitchen to learn, experiment, reminisce and have fun.

The other exciting program is the creation of a woodwork workshop, similar to a Men’s Shed, led by our Property Manager Justin Chen. This initiative is to ensure there is a communal workspace for hands-on projects for anyone wishing to work on a simple joinery project or to safely use tools to repair an item.

Both programs will be alternating fortnightly. The main objectives being giving residents participation and choice opportunities whether it is in food preparation or being a spectator. Another intended objective is to provide residents the options to exercise and upkeep their mental and physical skills through following a recipe or set of instructions, under safe and controlled guidance and environment. Our residents have expressed initial excitement and desire for the programs to commence. These programs are part of our continuous improvement in encouraging creativity, engagement and feeling a sense of choice in meaningful activities.

Why creativity is important in dementia patients

There have been several studies into the relationship between creativity and dementia.

According to a Swiss study, being creative is a basis for human life. As shared in the report, “This specific principle is effective for the aged as well. Creative activity has been shown to reduce depression and isolation, offering the power of choice and decisions. Towards the end of life, art and creativity offer a path of opening up the windows to people’s emotional interiors.”

This study concludes that, “The belief that the elderly are trapped in their lifestyle and are not open to change of skills or creativity is a widely existing opinion in our western societies. But several researchers have found that creativity exists throughout the whole lifespan and is not related to any particular age or biological process, nor is it a privileged resort for professional artists.”

Creativity has a strong role to play in a full and rewarding life for the elderly and those with dementia. It not only stimulates the mind, but it brings people together, helping to minimise isolation in those who live in care. At KOPWA, we are well aware of this. Our team is motivated to create initiatives that encourage our residents to involve themselves in hands-on activities and continue to have creative experiences across their day.

KOPWA is pleased to offer these new workshops and a selection of other creative programs to our aged care residents. For more information or to schedule a tour at our Sydney facility, contact us today.

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