Why mealtime is special at KOPWA

Mealtime gives aged care residents a chance to come together and connect with their community. Take a look at some helpful information about meals at KOPWA.

Moving into aged care in Sydney after living independently can feel daunting, especially because many seniors are concerned about being surrounded by strangers.

However, at KOPWA, strangers quickly become friends. This applies to staff as well as fellow residents. Our aged care facility encourages a positive, community-style experience, where fellow residents can build rapport and get to know each other through daily activities and casual socialising.

Because we encourage residents to build friendships, we place emphasis on mealtimes as a social occasion at our residential properties. All residents have the option to visit the main dining room for every meal.

The importance of mealtime at KOPWA

Joining fellow residents in the dining room at breakfast, lunch and dinner give seniors an opportunity to come together.

Mealtimes are a time to discuss the day’s events, catch up on the latest news and reminisce about days gone by.

Residents can mingle and get to know each other during meals. As a result of this, we create a strong and familiar community. What was once seen as a daunting place quickly becomes just like home. It can even feel preferable to living alone because you are surrounded by people you know.

The added benefit of encouraging a community atmosphere at mealtimes is that residents feel comfortable talking amongst themselves. If someone is feeling concerned about something but hasn’t had the chance to ask a staff member, they can reach out to their ‘neighbours’ for advice.

Each mealtime is a social and happy occasion, with much laughter and joy shared in our facility dining rooms.

Food at KOPWA

Aged care residents often require special diets to ensure good health.

At KOPWA, we focus on providing familiar favourites and prepare meals that are easy to eat as well as containing nutritious ingredients.

Prepared by our in-house chef, meals contain food that is easy to chew and is not so strongly seasoned that it will upset a delicate stomach.

The delicious, quality controlled meals prepared on site at KOPWA have been certified as “A” standard from the NSW Food Authority. There is plenty of variety, with menus changing weekly to make mealtimes something to look forward to.

Join us for a meal

One of the concerns many seniors have before relocating to an aged care facility is losing the flexibility to invite family to their home for social occasions.

At KOPWA, family and friends are welcome to join their loved one for a meal at a very reasonable price. Contact us to arrange a family table booking to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, or simply to spend some quality time together.

Cooking as an activity

Cooking and baking can bring up many fond and happy memories for aged care residents.

As well as having meals prepared by our in-house chef and being encouraged to socialise at mealtimes, residents are invited into the kitchen themselves. There are plenty of opportunities to bake, cook and learn new skills.

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