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Registered Nurses play an essential role in coordinating and delivering care for residents in an Aged Care facility. Apart from performing clinical practice according to the legislation, RNs need to develop contemporary clinical knowledge and skills through upskilling. At KOPWA’s Archbold House, our newest RN, Mary Grace Balili, has been with us for just over three years. She has recently completed her nursing degree at Western Sydney University and has moved into her new full-time role with new responsibilities. Some of these include effectively managing residents care needs through a holistic and multidisciplinary consultation and conduct of care assessments, according to KOPWA’s Model of Care. Her experience as an RN at Holroyd Hospital has served her knowledge, skills and most of all, experience working under pressure. While Mary is a young RN, she has quickly taken on the new role under dedicated supervision by our Care Management. She has already established a reliable working relationship with other members of the care team and the residents and their family members. The new building has been a slight adjustment, but she thoroughly enjoys the space and quality build.

Mary lives in Roseville with her husband and misses her family in the Philippines. However, she keeps herself occupied by steadily devoting herself to watching documentaries and reading health-related articles in her free time. Mary desires to be more knowledgeable and skilled in creating improved care plans for residents through the organisation’s provided tools and procedures.

KOPWA recognises talent and encourages professional development for staff wishing to further their career. While we provide great employment packages with the occasional monetary motivation compensation, KOPWA focuses on the care of the residents and staff welfare. We aim to offer multiple upskilling training avenues and access to any Departmental information and are committed to promoting positive staff relationships. Once a month, we recognise employees who have excelled in their growth, prospects, and care services performance.

KOPWA’s values have driven and guided our care practices and employment strategies, and we are proud to have a low turnover of staff in the volatile Aged Care industry. Mary is a testament to our human resource management, where she acknowledges despite now being in a different role and her responsibilities have increased. She has always felt confident in carrying out her role and seeking advice from the Care team. Other members of management have also been vital in building her confidence in ensuring she achieves her personal goals.

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