Fresh new furniture at Kopwa

From the moment you step through the doors and enter Kopwa’s reception area, it’s clear that we are not your average Aged Care home. A soft, homely colour palette welcomes you in, with lounge spaces including cosy wingback chairs that call you to sit back and relax. Each of the 50 rooms are designed to make our residents feel at home, creating a cosy oasis away from the hustle and bustle of communal areas with open shelving to display their treasured possessions.

Brought in to provide furniture for Kopwa, we worked closely with Crown Furniture with the Interior Designers from I+D Studio to collate pieces that created a modern and luxurious feel.  

Residents particularly enjoy the cafe and sitting area that benefits from light streaming through the lead glass windows. Residents can wander freely through the lounge rooms, dining areas, sitting areas, cafe and gardens, and appreciate the combination of independence and care that makes Archbold House feel like home.

“The furniture looks and feels like it belongs in a home, which is exactly what an Aged Care environment needs be and look like. Crown Furniture understands Aged Care extremely well and it is readily made for an Aged Care environment.”  Paul Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Kopwa

The end result is a beautiful home that blends seamlessly into the local environment and history of the area, providing residents with a home they can be proud of. 

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