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The Australian Home Care Package (HCP) program allows older Australians to access affordable home and social care services to help them continue living in their home. However, the allocation of these packages is according to the level of care needs, which is contradictory to the deteriorating ageing processes. The ever-changing health conditions of our elderly Australians means that the individual’s health care plan requires constant reviewing and modifying. The care recipient is the primary consumer/client, with family members typically adopting the role of informal caregivers. Homecare clients generally experience decreasing cognitive abilities. Their family caregivers may also experience some potential deterioration of health; therefore, family caregivers’ support should be considered in the clients’ care plans.

At KOPWA, our homecare clients share a special relationship with their care workers. Our care workers base their relationships with the clients’ families on trust, respect and active listening. KOPWA home care workers understand the significance of the 8 Aged Care standards with Standard 1 – consumer’s dignity and choice – being their goal of care service. Their observed input around making informed decisions in their clients’ care plans are valued. They are trustworthy advocates for our clients because they are the first to observe any initial health changes so that care delivery can be modified accordingly.

Our home care workers are part of our multidisciplinary team (MDT). They are offered ongoing education and training of their care practices, especially in dementia coping skills, via the Dementia Training Program. Many of our care workers have high interpersonal skills. With open and engaged communication channels with management, care workers establish meaningful relational continuity of care and improve the overall wellbeing of our clients and their family members.

In the last COVID19 pandemic year, KOPWA home care services have continued as usual, including seeing an increasing new number of clients seeking our services. Often informal caregiving can be physical and emotionally fatiguing. Many family members have experienced common unsettling emotions in the last 20 months. Many worry about the sense of isolation for themselves and their loved ones. The home care package can include a coordinated mental health care plan for family members, such as social connections and counselling options. Some clients tried, for the first time, digital technology for social support services. Some of these activities are in partnership with our local community-based organisations. KOPWA home care has a stable and trusted workforce with high interpersonal skills. With a united conversation and the flexibility of the homecare packages, our team can help build social connections and overall care for our clients and their families.

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