Allied Health specialists at KOPWA

Aged care requires the support of many health-based professionals. At KOPWA, along with highly trained doctors and nurses, we also rely on a team of skilled Allied Health professionals.

What are Allied Health professionals?

Allied Health professionals are qualified practitioners who support and supplement the work of medical professionals and aged care workers. They may not be medical doctors or nurses themselves, but they are still highly trained and vital to the wellbeing of the residents at an Aged Care facility.

Many of the Allied Health specialties take almost as much education and training as it does to become a medical doctor.

What do Allied Health professionals do?

Doctors and nurses are in control of the overall health care of a person. Allied Health professionals are more inclined to specialise in a particular area of health. They work across several sectors including aged care where residents and clients are looked after long-term in areas such as maintaining physical and mental health.

At KOPWA, skilled professionals provide care and assistance with vision, hearing, nutrition, mobility, mental health and so much more.

Examples of Allied Health professionals

Here are some examples of Allied Health professionals and what they do:

  • Audiologists: Audiologists work with the hearing impaired and fit appropriate hearing devices.
  • Occupational Therapists (OT): OTs are key for mobility. They will often work with Aged Care residents and clients in the areas of rehabilitation, agility and life skills.
  • Optometrists and Orthoptists: These specialists work exclusively with vision and will help with visual aids and prescription glasses.
  • Physiotherapists and Osteopaths: Physiotherapists and Osteopaths are vital for working with musculoskeletal issues in elderly residents, as a way of improving comfort and mobility.
  • Arts therapists and music therapists: Therapists in these fields can provide services for people experiencing dementia. Their work promotes brain function and socialisation. See more about KOPWA’s music program here.
  • Dietitians: Dieticians advise on nutritional strategies to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes or assess patients who may require specialised nutritional support and advice on tube feeding. They also have an important role in advising on nutrition programs to monitor and meet the needs of residents in Aged Care.
  • Psychologists: Mental health professionals like psychologists and other qualified counsellors are also considered Allied Health professionals. They are there to help elderly residents with all their mental health needs.

When you consider how our bodies struggle to perform ‘normal’ functions as we age, it makes sense to have these specialists on hand. They understand the human body and are up to date with the latest techniques for improving mobility, nutrition, vision, and hearing in the elderly.

Allied Health professionals at KOPWA

At KOPWA, we have a team of Allied Health professionals who pay regular visits to our residents to ensure well-rounded health and wellbeing. They liaise closely with the doctors, nurses, and care staff to make sure that every resident receives personally tailored care.

KOPWA residents look forward to their visits from Allied Health professionals as these therapists provide familiar and friendly faces on a regular basis. This holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of KOPWA residents helps to ensure residents are happier, more comfortable, and able to do more of the things they enjoy.

For more information about high-quality aged care on Sydney’s North Shore, and about the Allied Health services we offer, contact KOPWA today.

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