Environment + community connection at KOPWA

Our aged care facility has been carefully designed to include elements of nature and ensure residents have a sense of connection and community.

A common misconception about aged care facilities is that residents spend all their time cooped up inside, all alone with nobody to talk to until the nurse comes to visit.

At KOPWA, we have taken every possible step to ensure this is never the case. We understand that feeling a sense of connection and belonging has a strong impact on mental and physical wellbeing, and that often sunshine can be the best medicine.

Take a look at some of the ways we make environment and community a priority at KOPWA.

Thoughtful exterior design

When we upgraded our Roseville aged care facility Archbold House, we wanted it to feel like home for every resident. To achieve this, we made outdoor meeting spaces a priority in the design. Visit Archbold House and you’ll notice our welcoming shaded areas, which are ideal for family and friends to catch up and spend time together when the weather is fine.

As shared by the University of Minnesota, “Being in nature reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.”

This is why our outdoor areas include places to sit and plenty of greenery to bring people back to nature. When you drop by to catch up with a loved one, you will be able to enjoy the shade provided by trees.

Residents at KOPWA are encouraged to spend time outdoors regularly so they receive the benefits of Vitamin D and fresh air.

Community connections

Head inside and you’ll notice there are also many places to connect and socialise.

The on-site hair salon is an example; residents are invited to make appointments, which provide the opportunity to regularly connect with a friendly face. There is nothing like a good natter with a hairdresser and this is the case at any age.

Speaking of family, the cafe at KOPWA is open every day and visitors are invited to stop by for a hot drink and a sweet treat. For residents, coming along to the cafe brings all the benefits of an outing, without the stress of having to travel.

In addition to the cafe, residents can meet up to socialise in the dining room or shared living areas, where there are regular games and activities. We also facilitate social interactions during music therapy and other special programs.

These shared spaces have been created with the knowledge that being able to socialise and connect with others encourages better health. For one thing, being social promotes a more active and mentally engaged lifestyle, which can contribute to better health. It also gives our residents a chance to speak out about something that may be troubling them. Often, a simple conversation can lead to action and a positive outcome.

Finding the right balance

Having open and shared spaces at KOPWA is important but we also recognise that there needs to be the right balance of familiarity and privacy. Residents are encouraged to make their room feel like home by bringing trinkets and other belongings. This way, they can choose between spending quiet time on their own or interacting with friends and guests indoors or outside.

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