Model of Care

KOPWA’s model of care is a guide for staff to ensure the services we offer promotes self-esteem, dignity and autonomy in the delivery of care. The Model of Care centers around four care philosophies: Social Inclusion, Reablement, Person-Centred Care, and Integrated Care.

Social inclusion
All human is entitled to fundamental human rights through the implementation of involving residents and clients through their care planning process and choice of activities.
Reablement care aims to restore and/or maintain physical function for our residents through our multidisciplinary care approaches. They are mobility and functional assessments and continual review. Mobility exercise classes and personalised sessions are frequently on offer.
Person-centred care
Person-centred care approach is essential as it allows residents and clients to feel secure and to continue to embrace their individuality. At KOPWA, we have many ways to deliver person-centred care. The implementation of the Sunflower project – a communication tool – helps to empower our staff to form meaningful and caring resident-carer relationships through using this communication tool to know the residents’ history and preferences.
Ageing in place
Ageing in place is ‘the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level’. KOPWA’s Model of Care aims to assist a smooth transition and to establish normality in an elderly person’s life wherever their home is. In our residential facility, Archbold House, we have the full benefit of having round the clock nurses, engaging activities and events and a stable workforce. Our partnering allied health professionals collaborate closely with our dedicated care staff to ensure that there is an enhanced quality of life at every stage.
Integrated Care
KOPWA assists our residents to access their Integrated Care as and when required. These services may look like treatments with GPs or medical specialists such as onsite podiatrists, or the coordination of logistics to and from appointments. Integrated Care is to ensure there is continuity of physical, social, and mental care for our residents and clients.

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